June 1, 2009

About Us

Lacuna is a biannual e-journal of historical fiction and alternate history. We published our first issue on October 15, 2009. Our mission is to bring you well-researched, well-written, character-driven fiction and poetry that demonstrates an understanding of both history and human nature. We are always looking for stories that take risks with prose style and point-of-view, and we want the work we publish to represent and respect diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual and romantic orientations, genders, and gender-identities. Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

Lacuna is edited by speculative fiction writer Megan Arkenberg. Ms. Arkenberg's work has appeared in pro 'zines like Fantasy, Clarkesworld, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and semiprozines like Ideomancer and Jabberwocky. In March of 2008, she began editing her first e-zine, the fantasy magazine Mirror Dance, which recently published its fifteenth issue. In 2010, she compiled the charity collection Crimethink.


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Proud Member of the Outer Alliance.

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LL said...

Hi! Great blog! I would like to read every single issue you have so far, but I was wondering if you would consider offering downloadable copies, too? So people can read them offline.

Thank you and more power to your zine!

Anonymous said...

Dear Samantha,

I was moved by your essay "Cotton Duck." Given that, for the past year, I have been researching the mills and iron foundries in the Jones Falls Valley, I would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your experiences and impressions of this rich and meaningful community.

I can be reached at bragghill@valley.net. -- Steven C. Swett