October 15, 2011

Issue 5: October 2011


Much of the history of the world has been lost. How magnificent and confusing what’s left is.
~James Dye


How John Wilmot Contracted Syphilis by Molly Tanzer
il Duce by John Medaille
Moon and Fire by Patricia La Barbera
Chapman by N. T. Brown
neon mayflower by Robert Caporale
The Greatest Pianist in the World by Marko Fong
The Pioneer by B. G. Hilton
Days of the Accord by Isi Unikowski
Colonel Redl’s Knife Sheath by George Berguño
A Boy Like Any Other by Mary McCluskey
An Interview with Alex Epstein

The Circle Cast by Alex Epstein
A Penny Always Has Two Sides by Steffie Steinke
Day of Revenge by Deanna Poach

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